Practice solving coding interview questions asked by real companies in an environment similar to actual online interviews.

Community curated questions and solutions

Preply has hundreds of actual coding questions asked by real companies in their interviews. These questions are added by candidates after their interviews. Each question also has a discussion portal for candidates to share hints and solutions. A rating system based on community vote ranks these solutions. Browse all questions

Timed practise and actual mock interviews

All questions are given ample amount of time to solve. The time alloted is based on question difficulty. Candidates can choose to solve the question in this timed environment or disable the timer. Mock interviews pick random questions from selected companies or category and provide an environment similar to actual online coding interviews. Take a mock interview

Online code editor and compiler

An online code editor makes it easy for candidates to enter solutions directly in the browser. Compilers and interpreters as service show syntax errors and a backend execution system provides immediate feed back of solution by testing against several test cases. More ...

Gain points and compete with others

Gain points for successfully solving mock interview questions. Every question is allowed a maximum points based on its difficulty. Points gained is based on the number of passing test cases.


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